Submission Guidelines

  1.  We accept submissions on a rolling basis from students, legal professionals, teachers, researchers, policy-makers, senior academicians and any member of the legal fraternity. The submission should be original, unpublished and should not be under review in any similar platform.

  2. All submissions shall be made to with the subject “Submission for India Law and Policy Blog”.

  3. Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of two authors.

  4. Submissions must ideally be limited to a length of 1500 words. However, the author can exceed the limit in case it is necessary. This limit shall be exclusive of endnotes.

  5. Submissions must be made in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) formats only.

  6. All submissions must follow the Harvard Bluebook (19th Edition) style of citation; non-conformity will be a ground for rejection. (Note: Do not use footnotes)

  7. The submission should reflect original and unpublished work. A maximum similarity of 15% is allowed. Non-adherence to this rule shall result in rejection of the submission made.

  8. The submission should be in following formatting style. For body/content -  Times New Roman Font - 12 - 1.5 line spacing - Justified. For endnotes - Times New Roman - 10 - 1.0 line spacing - Justified.

  9. The article must include a brief description of the author; preferably, not more than two sentences. See, e.g.: “Ms. X is a partner at ABC Law Firm in Mumbai”, or “Mr. Y is a 3rd year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) student at PQR Law School in New Delhi”.

  10. The author shall be informed of the decision of the editorial board by an email within  7-10 working days.

  11. Authors are requested to create a summary of their article (in 50 words) and send it along with the article.

  12. On publication of the article, the copyright over the article shall automatically transfer to India Law and Policy Blog (ILAPB). Therefore, all the articles shall be shared on various social media platforms of the ILAPB.


(The Editorial Board holds absolute discretion to decide whether the submission shall be published or not. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Editorial Board will be final and binding.) 

Looking forward to receiving your articles!