Updated: Jul 29, 2020

[Rahul Ranjan is a 2nd year law student at Lloyd College, Greater Noida. He is also a Research Assistant at LiveLaw.]

1. About Me

I was born in a lower-middle-class family and I belong to a very small town. When I was in the 8th standard I had to go to school in slippers because my shoes were torn. On the same day while I was standing in Assembly a teacher came to me and asked me where are your shoes? But I was unable to explain my reason to him and he started beating me. I couldn’t ask my father to purchase new shoes because he was working hard to feed my family and he couldn't afford it. Then, I started giving educational classes to small children in order to support my father and my family. By the grace of God and parents’ support, I was able to take admission in Law school.

2. Why I try to help others?

When I took admission in my law school, at that time I was quite nervous since I am a first-generation lawyer in my family. After a few days, I went through some online videos which are available on YouTube and I learned how to build good connections from lawyers. I still remember the day and date, it was 18th September 2018 while I was sitting in the Supreme Court cafeteria, and after some time a lawyer came and sat beside me. I started talking with him, after a few minutes I asked him for his visiting card but he gave me his number and told me that come and meet me in my chamber. After two days I went to his office and I told him about my education and some family stories. Later on, he gave me a list of five advocates and asked me to do a recce of their chambers. I was then to take appointments and start meeting the seniors one after the other. His way of helping has left an indelible impression on me. Today, if there is one reason I seize every opportunity to help a junior in any way I can, and to the extent, I can, it is because I have been helped by seniors like him, and this is a small way in which I think I can thank them today, that’s why I have written this.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Facing Rejections in Life

For those who got rejections in their life, let me tell you some instances where I faced some rejections. When I took admission in my law school, at that time I was thinking about my internships and how to write research papers. Well, I opened my LinkedIn account and texted someone who is a practicing lawyer in Delhi high court. I asked him if he could give me an internship opportunity, but unfortunately, he blocked me. It was really an embarrassing moment for me. That day I thought that this profession is not my cup of tea but later on, I had a self conversation and I told myself, "Rahul cool don’t worry if you don’t find any doors to knock, just as my alma matter has taught me, create a new door yourself to knock". From that day I have never looked back, I have decided that whatever I will achieve, I will try to share with my juniors and colleagues. Whatever I am doing and writing, there is only a single reason, that is you all are a motivation for me.

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